The Energy of Success

We turn electricity and energy services into a source of sustainable progress and development

We are TOKI

We strive for a world smartly powered by clean energy

We believe that the development of technology is of key importance for a more efficient and environmentally friendly consumption of resources. We are optimistic that climate problems are solvable and in the near future our environment will be cleaner and healthier, and electricity will be more affordable for everyone.

We invest in technological innovation, with the ambition to be a leader of the energy transition in the region, effectively integrating up to 100% renewable energy into the energy mix we trade.


Nature inspires us

Improving energy efficiency and developing renewable energy production and storage technologies are key to a successful transition to carbon neutrality.

We have the resources and skills to respond to these demands. We introduce intelligent analytics solutions and develop and implement (R&D) a more effective collaboration and operations management platform.

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Technology fuels us

We rely on the increasing accessibility of new technologies and rely on modern methods of customer service and management of energy operations.

Therefore, we develop applications to facilitate all processes, both for consumers and energy producers – from choosing a tariff plan, through concluding a contract, to tracking and managing consumption and production.

We work with progressive and significant partners

We proudly partner with companies and organizations of all sizes who believe in a better future and take confident steps towards it

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The people of TOKI are our sun, wind and water

They are our renewable, inexhaustible energy. For development, for success, for a better future.

Our team is capable, ambitious and cohesive

The pursuit of a cleaner and more positive environment unites us. We believe that with common efforts we can change the way we use the planet’s energy resources and create conditions for a better and fulfilling life. We complement our strengths, combining business experience, creative thinking and technological expertise to develop our platform and services at a rapid pace and achieve our goals efficiently. Every day we seek and create something new and better for ourselves, our business and our community.

The Energy of TOKI

In order to achieve everything we strive for and be happy in the movement towards it, we keep the energy in our team free and positive. We have our approach to make all this happen.



creative thinking and curiosity as much as experience and expertise



on the successes and learn together from the difficulties


big goals and ambitions



the human before the corporate



of the charge, passion and drive for personal and team development



unfolding the potential and application of talents



a cohesive and supportive team



decisive actions preceded by deliberate decisions

Open positions

We are proud to serve companies and organizations of all sizes that build a sustainable future and walk with confident steps
Staff Software Engineer

You can have a significant influence in the development of TOKI applications and become part of the transformation of the energy industry in the region.