Principal Data Engineer​

🌋The challenge

Our business relies entirely on data. For example, we collect electricity consumption data and use it to calculate each customer’s invoices. Another interesting application of meter data is the forecasting of energy consumption and production to ensure that we can secure the necessary supply or sell excess energy through trading on the energy exchange. This gets really interesting when we add image​​batteries and power management for large appliances:🔋 how cool it would be if your water heater only heats up when prices are low. All these cases should be embedded in our next-generation data platform.

⚡️ What are you going to do

  • You lead the design and implementation of a next-generation data platform for TOKI
  • You ensure that we follow high quality standards through constant testing and implementation of coding best practices and work patterns
  • You work with experts from different fields to understand and define requirements
  • You advise and support the “newbies” in the team to develop in step with the company

🏆 Who are you

  • Open, responsive and responsible
  • You believe that helping others on the team is best for everyone
  • It is important for you to leave a mark on the company and the world
  • You do the right thing even when no one is looking
  • You are goal oriented and like to achieve results

🎁 What will you need?

  • Extensive experience with various programming languages. Any combination will work as long as you believe in “using the right tool for the job”, which may also mean learning something new. By the way, we’re mainly using Python and Javascript right now
  • Excellent understanding and experience with Big Data and/or Real-time Data Streaming platforms such as Spark and Kafka
  • Deep knowledge of Cloud and experience with some of the major cloud service providers (AWS/Azure/GCP) and their data processing applications. We mainly work with GCP
  • You have experience building and maintaining code (CI/CD) and data pipelines

✅ What we offer

  • Working in a relaxed, open and welcoming environment
  • You are joining a well-funded, start-up company with a proven business model. It’s like starting something new without the risks.
  • Opportunity for personal and professional growth through various training and development programs
  • Attractive package: competitive salary, flexible bonus scheme and long-term incentives
  • 25 days paid annual leave
  • Medical and dental insurance
  • You use Spark for work-related travel
  • Regular team building and other events
  • You become part of the digitalization of the energy industry and the transition to a carbon-neutral economy

⚙️ What is the process

  1. A first meeting to get to know each other and find out if we share our values
  2. You solve a simple task from end to end (it should take a few hours, but how much time you invest is also up to you)
  3. Technical review. We’ll look at the decision and discuss it, talk about the choices you’ve made…
  4. Offer!