Perfetta: Artisan chocolate with the energy of TOKI

Time for something sweet? TOKI has already tried the handmade chocolate compliments from Perfetta. And how and why they trusted TOKI, read here.

Tell us a little more about you and your business.

Perfetta is an atelier for handmade chocolates. Registered at the end of the 90s, but actually started its activity in Bulgaria in 2005. We prioritize the creation of special chocolate corporate compliments and gifts. We have a small workshop that produces from small to quite significant quantities of chocolate products for our customers, among them were also famous banks, televisions, telecoms, mobile operators. For three years now, our company has been nominated by one of the best producers of cocoa products in the world, with raw materials originating entirely from Colombia, to be their ambassadors.

How has the pandemic affected your business and how are you dealing with it?

After the pandemic, private clients also focused on us. In us, they find a very good partner for making chocolates not only for personal consumption, but also for various holidays. Something that before the change in the situation due to COVID was not so typical. The situation gave us the opportunity to focus also on smaller and personally customized works.

Why did you look for a new electricity dealer? How and why did you choose TOKI?

At the very beginning when it became clear that small businesses could turn to an electricity trader from the free market, we turned to another company. Over time, corresponding with our partners and after exchanging information, we were not satisfied with our previous supplier. Specifically, we heard about TOKI from various channels and more specifically from television. You had a well made clip that stuck in my mind.

Did you easily get the information you needed to choose TOKI?

When we had the opportunity to change our supplier, we contacted you and received an extremely positive attitude and attention to detail. Your consultants were top notch and we got the information we needed. You introduced us to the ways in which we could become your customers and we were given the opportunity to choose between different options. The steps to sign a contract were super easy. A modern and good model of communication.

What makes our services better than others you’ve used?

In no time, without any effort, things happened. Given that we had the experience a year ago of exchanging piles of documents, things were much easier with TOKI. We are grateful for the overall service and are pleased to be your customer.

Did you achieve positive results thanks to choosing TOKI as your partner? What kind?

I think that the partnership with TOKI has been very useful for me, given the complicated situation with the price increase. The loyalty you demonstrate as a company to the maximum extent has made us think about the ways in which we could also be even more loyal to TOKI. We are happy with TOKI and we hope to go together in the same direction.


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