The monthly electricity bill is formed by several components:

  1. The consumed amount of electricity (in kWh) by the hourly price values ​​of the Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange (“Day Ahead” market);
  2. Administrative services fee in the amount of 8% of the cost of the consumed energy for the month;
  3. Fees for transmission through the electricity transmission and distribution network;
  4. Fees for access to the electricity transmission and distribution network;
  5. Environmental and Social Obligations fee;
  6. Excise duty;
  7. VAT.

The amount under item 1 shall be calculated according to the hourly consumption of the subscriber in relation to the price at which the electricity is traded on the Bulgarian Independent Energy Exchange for the respective hour.

The service fee under item 2 is charged for each location (metering point)

The amounts under items 3 to 7 are calculated based on the regulatory fees. They are paid by the end customer and are the same for all customers, regardless of the selected trader. The amounts are included in the monthly invoices issued by TOKI, and subsequently, the trader has the obligation to pay them to the ERP and the relevant institutions (SES Fund, Customs Agency, NRA).

* This plan is valid only for sites with a standardized load profile (STP). For sites with hourly measurements, contact the Sales Department at [email protected]

See what your monthly invoice for consumption of 300 kWh would be if your company is located in the network managed by: