If you produce energy, we will buy it on the most favorable terms

TOKI purchases electricity by the meter, with complete transparency for you and without losing a single kilowatt hour

Independent Power Producers

The Independent Power Producer (IPP) operates RES projects that are not intended for their own use and are not owned by the National Electricity Company or another public enterprise. IPPs produce electricity for sale to the national electricity grid.

How to sell the energy you produce

If you are an independent producer of electricity and you are looking for an opportunity to sell it on the free market, you have the opportunity to enter into a contract with a licensed trader or sign a private purchase agreement.

The options in both cases are many and different, so it is important to choose a reliable partner who will advise you on the best solution for you.

TOKI offers three options for buying energy under guaranteed and transparent conditions:


A plan developed for producers looking for predictability in the revenue from the purchase and sale of the electricity they produce. With this plan you get a secure redemption purchase for the contract period and a fixed balancing expense.


This plan is suitable for producers who prefer market risk. The produced electricity is purchased at a price indexed to the prices of the Bulgarian Independent Energy Exchange.


(50:50 fixed and exchange price)
This plan is suitable for producers who prefer a balanced approach to market risk. Half of the produced electricity is purchased at a fixed price, and half - at a price indexed to the prices of the Bulgarian Independent Energy Exchange. The proportion is the same for each hour in which you have produced energy.

Do you produce electricity for your own consumption?

We also offer a program for producers of electricity for their own consumption, who give surplus to the grid. If your power plant produces more than your consumption, we buy the surplus that you return to the grid. When you do not produce enough to meet your needs, we supply you with the necessary electricity according to the terms of your chosen subscription plan.

Why generate electricity for your own use:

More and more companies and households are choosing to take advantage of renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and biomass, or waste that has once been landfilled to produce the energy they need. The advantages of this choice are many and include:

  • Opportunity to generate revenue
  • Optimization of electricity consumption
  • Reduce carbon emissions

For business, this means more and better financing opportunities, better positioning of the company and many other benefits.