Shery Bar and Dinner: Delicious food and good vibes with TOKI energy

Passing through Blagoevgrad and hungry? Trust us – you have to stop by Sherry Bar and Dinner – уe already had lunch there several times. Why and how they entrusted TOKI for the their electricity needs, you will find out here.

Tell us a little more about you and your business.

We dare say that for nearly 30 years Shery Bar and Dinner has been one of the favourite places of Blagoevgrad residents. It is located right next to the “Bistrica” ​​river, at the beginning of the “Bachinovo” park. A varied menu, daily lunch offers at affordable prices and a great atmosphere are just some of the positives that our restaurant offers.

Why did you look for a new electricity dealer? How and why did you choose TOKI?

We were aware of the opportunity to choose a supplier on the open market and we were comparing different offers. We were looking for the best choice, but in this case it came to us on its own in the person of your representative – Desi, who gave us flexible options and one of the most advantageous price offers.

Did you easily get the information you needed to choose TOKI?

We are impressed with the attitude of your team and the time they took to get us the information we needed and make us feel at ease about the process of switching providers.

What makes our services better than others you’ve used?

We sent out requests for offers to a few other utilities, but what won us over was the customer service! Desi is always available for questions from our side and it is telling that even with the record increases in electricity prices over the last year, we were offered alternative options to optimise our monthly costs.

Did you achieve positive results thanks to choosing TOKI as your partner? What kind?

We certainly got a trusted partner in TOKI. We are very happy with our choice, which is why we recommend TOKI to other colleagues from the restaurant industry.


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