With TOKI you change your provider with just a few clicks

Make an informed choice for a free market supplier

On toki.bg you will find full information about each of the subscription plans and sample invoices we offer, depending on which network of the electricity distribution company (ERP) you use. If you still haven’t decided which plan to choose or have any questions, then our team is always there for you to discuss your needs and consumption and offer the best solution for you and your business. You can contact us as you prefer – by email, by phone and in an online or live meeting. We are also online on social media. You can reffer to our social media channels.

Online form for changing the electricity supplier

In order to start the procedure for changing the supplier, we will need data about your company and the points of consumption – the place where the electricity is delivered and measured for the site(s) in which your business operates. You can find the numbers of your consumption points in the invoice from your current supplier.

We have facilitated the collection of this information by structuring a short online form that customers are not required to complete. To be as effective as possible, we can provide the ability to add a scanned or photographed invoice from this provider. This will help us process the information about your business quickly and correctly.

If you need the information at hand, it will take no more than 5 minutes to complete the form. In case you do not have some of the information, we will send you an email with a link to the already started form to fill it in when possible. If you have difficulty filling out, you can ask for help from our consultants by phone or email.

You sign a contract electronically or on paper

After filling in the form, our system immediately generates a contract between your company and Toki Power AD, with detailed information about the subscription plan you have chosen. You have the opportunity to get familiar with the contract and sign it with an electronic signature immediately or to receive itby e-mail and sign it at a time convenient for you. If you choose to sign the contract later, then you can send an email with a scanned or photographed copy of your signature, and we will contact you later to verify your identity. You can also choose the option to sign by courier.

It only takes a few minutes to change a provider

the time you will have to spend changing the electricity supplier of your company depends mostly on your choice of subscription plan and the time for signing a contract on your part. With TOKI you can start a procedure to change your provider in about 5 minutes entirely online or, if you prefer to sign a paper contract, within 24 hours.

Take advantage of your right to choose an electricity trader for your business now, with just a few clicks here.


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