Xplora: Human digital and energy from TOKI

Xplora is a marketing and digital agency focused on delivering impressive digital marketing results and built reputation to make our clients successful in achieving their business and marketing goals. They trusted TOKI as their partner and are proud owners of Green certificate. More about their impressions as our customers, says Georgi Malchev, Managing Partner of Xplora.

Tell us a little more about you and your business

I am living a dream come true – I am a managing partner in the leading integrated digital marketing agency xplora.bg, and our slogan is human digital. In just 7 years, we have become among the market leaders and create best practices in terms of digital marketing, employer, customer and partner relations. Our team is over 70 people already and we are proud to be an example of an environment for development, for giving back to society, for a mother-friendly agency and many other things.
Xplora’s clients for all of their digital marketing are over 100 multinational and domestic companies, from FMCG to industrial products to financial services to computers, cars and heat pumps. We have a detailed section for customer reviews that share what it’s like to work with a digital agency that makes you successful – the company you work for and you as a professional.

A subsidiary of Xplora is Xplora Academy where there are many free digital marketing resources. Xplora academy offers individual courses, including freebies, packages and the Complete Digital Marketing Program – led by practitioners, with each module complementing and building on the previous one. Speakers from agencies, companies and established professionals give detailed examples. For those who want a certificate from the Ministry of Education and Culture – we have also provided this option, and recently, the Ministry of Education and Culture together with bTV awarded our student Alex Jandeva for an inspiring story. Students range from established professionals and business owners, to marketing professionals enrolled by their employers, to students enrolled by their parents to give them a jump start in their development.

What is the culture at Xplora? Have you taken initiatives that are related to the energy footprint?

As I mentioned – our slogan is human digital. And that means being human. As Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the author of The Little Prince and The Land of Men, says – we are human when we take responsibility. We believe in taking extreme responsibility – for customer success, for the development of the team’s potential, for the work environment.
And this means that we must set an example and create an environment for environmental protection. We have an adopted hive. We have separate waste bins “customized” with the company’s mascot.

At the moment when we could choose green energy – we decided on 100% green energy from TOKI. We shared with the team on internal channels and it got a lot of positive emojis. The team was also very happy with the green energy certification and the carbon savings.

Why did you look for a new electricity trader? How and why did you choose TOKI?

The decision was logical – we were looking for a company that fits our DNA. Namely – long-term partnership, 100% openness, detailed information in order for the client to choose the best for him. There was proactive communication at all times – rarely have we seen such customer-oriented, clear and up-front information.

Did you easily get the information you needed to choose TOKI?

Everything was perfect – on the site, by email, in phone communication. When there were big fluctuations and price increases – we received timely, detailed and objective information. And we saw a partner on our side. We received the best advice at every stage of the development of the situation.

What makes our services better than others you’ve used?

I would say – in every way. Think about what you need and what questions you ask yourself, the so-called micro-moments according to Google’s concept, regarding the power needs of your business. And you will see answers to them on the TOKI website, in email communication, in the other channels of the company. Congratilations.

Did you achieve positive results thanks to choosing TOKI as your partner? What kind?

As someone who teaches marketing at several universities and conducts corporate digital marketing training – I have “work to do” related to responsibilities and roles in life and business. And I’m looking for which company and brand to “hire” for the completion of specific works. Specifically for me as managing partner of an agency with a team of over 70 people – we found a long-term partner. And we set an example for the team, for our partners and for society.

You can read more about what our customers think about TOKI on our blog.


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